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Nevin Pays Me


Nevin Gets Paid

A few weeks back, when I was spending time in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I received a now-infamous letter and invoice from Nevin Nichols. The Invoice is printed below:

Yes, it’s true. I did owe Nevin this money, for the stated reasons. During the last weekend in June, Garrett, Nevin, Golson, Mark, myself, and others attended the wedding of Blaine and Jazz Scharnhorst in Stephenville, Texas, and while we were there, we stayed at the Econolodge Hotel (or, Echo-no Lodge, to Golson). Nevin, in his supereme baller-ness, payed for the rooms up front, and just trusted us to pay him back. Which was a questionable decision.

Then, some weeks later, he and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in College Station for a lunch, and upon receiving the checks, I reached into my wallet, and couldn’t find my debit card. I had bought something online earlier in the day, and must’ve left my card at the house. Nevin had me covered, which I was thankful for. But then, when we were getting in the truck to leave, I took my wallet out and lo and behold, found my debit card. It was just in a weird place. Nevin frowned heavily at me.

So, that’s the story of how I owed that dude money.

This weekend, I’m in the Metroplex, and on Friday night, just an hour or so after my plane landed, I met up with Nevin to eat dinner near the NorthEast Mall in Hurst. It was lovely, and he and I talked of many things while we ate pizza and chicken fettucini alfredo, respectively. And somewhere along the way, it suddenly occured to me that I still owed him some money, and since I had my checkbook with me, I could just wash my hands of it. And so I did:

I had considered writing him a $5.00 every money for like the next year, and just drawing it out to make a story out of it on the blog, and how the amount of the check wasn’t even worth the hassle of going to the bank, but…eh. I think this is pretty good. When he saw the “For” line, where I wrote, “Sex,” he was shocked, and does that little chuckle that he does, and said, “Coots, write me a new one! I can’t take this to the bank in Grandview! They KNOW me!”

I said, “Nevin, that’s the only check you’re gettin’ from me, bro. Don’t spend it all in one place.”


Greetings, and an Invoice

I’ve been in Harrisonburg for 2 weeks straight now. It gets lonely, and oftentimes I don’t hear much from people I would otherwise hope to hear from. I don’t blame these people though…I’M the one who isn’t there anymore, so maybe they view me as having walked out on a friendship. I couldn’t say for sure, but I know that I miss a few people, and I wish they’d stay in touch.

But, there are a few people who DO stay in touch. People like Nevin Nichols.

I received the follow in the mail today:

To plant the seed of a joke and wait days for it to blossom? THAT’S commitment to your craft.

My favorite thing about the invoice is the little “logo” at the bottom. Is that your company symbol, Nevin? The iconic pyramid above “Nevin Nichols, Inc?” Haha. I DO intend to repay Nevin, but over the course of the next 7 years. No interest. Also, if I owe YOU money, go ahead and send me an invoice.

I appreciate the correspondence, Neville, and look forward to hearing from you again.