The Hunger Games Trailer!!!!

YES! Finally! I just finished the book trilogy about 2 weeks ago, and it’s pretty great. Brutal as hell, too. It does not end well for many of these people. Anyways, I really like the look and feel of this trailer. I think they’ve nailed the tone, and I love the actors.

I’m so pumped for this.


I Wanna Go Fast!

For my weekend in DFW, I used my American Airlines miles to reserve a rental car, specifically a Cadillac CTS. But when I arrived at the AVIS Preferred Desk, I was notified that they didn’t have anymore Cadillacs. My response?

“Do you have any Camaros?”

It was a fun weekend.


Song of the Day – 11/11/11 – Birdy

Seeing that it’s 11/11/11, I should probably post something about it being Veterans Day, or even Nigel Tunfel Day, right? Wrong. Today is Birdy Day.

Birdy, otherwise known as Jasmine Van den Bogarde, is a 15-year-old (yes, 15) British songbird who was originally discovered when she won the Open Mic UK competition when she was 12. What the hell were YOU doing when you were 12?

Anyways, her first album is now out, and it’s filled with cover songs by original artists like The National, Phoenix, The XX, and of course, Bon Iver. I tried to buy the whole album last night from iTunes, but it’s only on sale in the UK Store right now. Psh.

Prepare to have your mind ripped in half. It may have been the red wine, but the first time I heard this, I almost cried.

Birdy – Skinny Love

Snow White & The Huntsman – First Trailer!


Not too bad, if I must say. Pretty cool tone, legitimately foreboding. Kristen Stewart has never done anything of any real gravity, but maybe this is the film that changes all that? Being surrounded by Academy Award-winner Charlize Theron as the (truly) Evil Queen and Chris “Thor” Hemsworth might help her shine a little bit. I kind of dig this a lot, and now i’m anxiously awaiting its release.

And, I’m pretty sure this is going to make about 1 Gogillion dollars at the box office.

When I posted it, it had 326 views on Youtube. How many does it have now?

Skinny Love – A Primer

If you’re not familiar with Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love,” go ahead and get yourself caught up, that way you’re in the loop when I post tomorrow’s Song of the Day.

This is amazing. Tomorrow’s cover version is earth-shaking.

Song of the Day – 11/8/2011 – Polica

According to some website I found, Polica is a band from Minneapolis that played their first live show on September 4th, 2011…that was like 2 months ago. And here they are…not bad, huh?

Nice 80’s feel to this jam, and it sounds like it’s being sung in a darkened bar with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

Dig it.

Polica – Dark Star