Swagger Wagon

I want this to be me in 5-7 years. But, with more hair.

Thanks to Sean & Matt for this one.


The Hunger Games Trailer!!!!

YES! Finally! I just finished the book trilogy about 2 weeks ago, and it’s pretty great. Brutal as hell, too. It does not end well for many of these people. Anyways, I really like the look and feel of this trailer. I think they’ve nailed the tone, and I love the actors.

I’m so pumped for this.

Snow White & The Huntsman – First Trailer!


Not too bad, if I must say. Pretty cool tone, legitimately foreboding. Kristen Stewart has never done anything of any real gravity, but maybe this is the film that changes all that? Being surrounded by Academy Award-winner Charlize Theron as the (truly) Evil Queen and Chris “Thor” Hemsworth might help her shine a little bit. I kind of dig this a lot, and now i’m anxiously awaiting its release.

And, I’m pretty sure this is going to make about 1 Gogillion dollars at the box office.

When I posted it, it had 326 views on Youtube. How many does it have now?

The Departed (Short Version)

The Departed was one of the Top 5 films of the last decade.

Here’s the short version.

Empire State of Life

Go ahead and throw this one on the Fullscreen.

You may notice that it’s a lil blurry in this embed, but if you click on the “HD” button in the embedded player, you can watch it in full-fledged HD crispness on Vimeo. It’s rather gorgeous at times.

Shot on a Nikon D3100 in NYC, October 28th, 29th, and 30th of 2011. We stayed at the DoubleTree Times Square on the 28th and the Millennium Hilton on the 29th. Thanks to Nevin, Clay, Frank, Alicia, and Jay (Sean).

Yo Dawg

Alone in the Air

This video was taken on an HTC Inspire 4G, and shot mostly at DFW Airport, and in the sky between PHX SkyHarbor and DFW. Shot in September 2011.

The song is “Alone in Kyoto” from the Lost in Translation soundtrack.