Let’s Do This Thing

In an effort to extend the “brand” of the Electronic Warrior/Poet, and by extension, Brandon Coots, I’ve decided to create a Twitter account.

In theory, I will be able to get new followers on the blog if I get my Twitter going strong, because my blog is linked to my Twitter, and my Twitter is linked to my blog. So, if I start tweeting funny things at Kanye West, maybe he’ll give me a shout-out, and then all 50 million people that follow him will click on the link to my blog. Splat. Or, even better, maybe Seth Myers will see one of my funny tweets, think “hey, this guy is funny” and then invite me to be a writer on SNL.

Sure, am I “selling out” by getting a Twitter? Maybe. But, is it better for the future of the blog and my various creative endeavors? Yes, for sure. I’d love to actually, ya know, DO something with this thing. I’d love it if the EWP were a jumping off point for something really interesting and cool.

So, boom. Let’s Do This Thing.

Next Step: Get that damn “.wordpress.com” outta my URL. But that’s a few weeks away.

Thanks for keeping up with this, errbody!


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