Won’t You Take Me To…FUNKYTOWN?!?!

“My Texas weenie is SO stout right now.”

This Friday, September 30, I will return to the DFW Metroplex for two reasons. The first, of course, is to participate in the marriage of good friends David Beezy, and the future Mrs. Beezy, Natalie Martin. You’re welcome, and I’m really proud of the both of you. I envy you and your relationshiptual stability more than you know. The wedding is Sundey, and will be a blast, but…


I fly in from PHX Friday evening, and land at DFW at 5:05 PM, at which time I’ll take the trolley south to the Rental Car complex, where I’ll be picked up by one Nevin Nichols. Then, we will go directly to downtown Fort Worth to check into my hotel rooms. RoomS. Then, once checked in and whore-bathed, Nevin and I will head to the Fort Worth Music Festival, where we will join Garrett M., Nick Fox, Mark Hump, Justin & Syd Golson, Matty Glenn, and other in watching the greatest band ever:


Lucero goes on at 8:30, and we will have tons of fun. Then, after the show, we will go downtown in Fort Worth, where we will drink and be merry and be a family, and then after the One-Girl-Party that is Brianna Baine joins us, we will likely get rowdy and yell a lot and talk about how much we’ve missed each other. And then, after all is said and done, we’ll head to the hotel roomS that I’ve got booked downtown, and crash.

Sounds like a damn fun night to me.

Lucero – All Sewn Up


One response

  1. omg!! lucero is gonna be the shit!! totally jealous!

    September 27, 2011 at 7:18 am

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