Overheard – 9/25/2011

“If I wasn’t such a pussy, i’d have a motorcycle.”

-Garrett, randomly

“Well, her computer short-circuited, and when she touched the mouse…she was killed instantly.”

-Me, posing as Garrett, explaining an “accidental” death

‎”A good teacher needs to know when to see everything, and when to see nothing.”

-Nevin Nichols, quoting himself

“Damn, we are ballers.”


“All the dominoes are set up. The bullet is in the gun, my friend. Just pull the trigger. Gividdaleedle squeeeeeeze…”

-Me, working on getting Garrett to come to NYC with me, Clay, and Nevin

“I don’t mean this in like, a mean way, but…do you have, like, short arms?”

-girl on phone from Al’s Formalwear after I gave her my (incorrect) arm measurement


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