Reviews: The Debt, Contagion, Drive, and The Lion King

It’s been a while since I’ve done any movie reviews, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been going! After the drive-in and then Our Idiot Brother in Lubbock, I saw two more films there before I left. They were, in this order, The Debt and Contagion.

The Debt
Feels like a thrilling foreign film, in a good way.

Great Script and Direction make this more than Outbreak 2.

On the night of 9/17, I decided to go check out the local theater here in Flagstaff, and yes…THE theater. But, it’s ok. I saw Drive in probably the worst possible situation, with a loud, obnoxious crowd full of idiots, their phones blinking and candy crunching. The jackwagon next to me started texting RIGHT before the opening credits started rolling, so I leaned over and said, very sternly, “Will you please put your phone away?” Of course, that was right after I turned around to the idiot girls behind me and said, “can you please stop talking?” Yeah. And then, later, the rat bastard next to me pulled out a little box of candy and started fuckin’ around, pouring shit into his hand, trying to act like it wasn’t loud as hell. Unbelievable. During a movie that is oftentimes EXTREMELY quiet?? Really?? I wanted to say, “Really, guy?? How old are you? Are you twelve? Did you come here to eat candy, or watch a damn movie? Come on, guy! Be real!!”


Like a very, very beautiful, very very violent poem. Dreamy.

Then, on Sunday, I saw The Lion King in 3D. I really can’t say enough about this movie. Unbelievable. BUT, in just ten words:

The Lion King
The. Single. Greatest. Animated. Film. Of. All. Time. Thanks, Disney.

And, if I could, really quickly, i’d like to say a little bit more about Drive. This movie is very much an art movie. It has a fantastic, retro-80’s feel to it, and if you close your eyes really tight, and then open them fast, you could mistake this for the film adaptation of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I can’t say enough about Ryan Gosling’s character, The Kid. His character arc is so amazing, and seeing his humanity evaporate as things get sticky…wow. Gosling is fantastic. Dynamic. And he does it all without saying damn near a word. Gosling, in a way, is going against type by choosing this role. As an audience, we love Ryan Gosling. He’s just so likeable…I mean, HE’S NOAH FROM THE NOTEBOOK. And that’s who he is at the beginning of Drive, but that’s not who he is by the end. It’s the surprised look on his blood-covered face, the way he rises up, back arched, after brutally killing a guy with his bare hands, just…wow. But, as great as Gosling is, the true star here is the Director, Nicholas Winding-Refn. This film drips with style, with substance, and the quality of the film, the pacing, the small asides of humor, the awkward holding shots that paint the relationship between Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan’s characters, all these things are what elevate Drive above a casual action film. If Drive feels like a foreign film, that’s because it is. It’s not trying to be a big, brawny, James Cameron-clone; instead, it’s quiet, it’s intimate, it’s well paced, and rather emotional at times. And, above all, it is absolutely a great, great movie.

And The Lion King?

There’s nothing I can even say.


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