Nevin the Cheater

Last week, I posted a story called “Nevin Gets Paid,” in which I detail a transaction between Nevin Nichols and I, where I gave him some money that I owed him. The interesting thing about the story was my method of payment, and how i wrote the word “Sex” in the “For” section of the check. Nevin pleaded with me to re-write the check, but I refused.

Nevin said that he’d get clever…that maybe he’d deposit the check using an ATM machine, or maybe just go into the next town, where the bank tellers hadn’t known him since childhood. He texted me later in the week to tell me that, when he had cashed the check, he opted to just go down to the his normal bank, present the check to them, and apologize for his stupid friend (me).

Well, that’s a lie. Nevin would never be so straightforward. Instead, he used deceit to cash the check, and then lied to me about his tactic. I went logged into my Wells Fargo last night to tally the damage from my recent trip to Denton (not too bad), and i saw a cashed check for $65. I chuckled a bit, and clicked the “View” button to see the check, and what do I see?

Nevin SCRATCHED OUT “Sex” before he cashed it!



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