Song of the Day – 9/11/2011 – Bon Iver

Music is a big deal for me, and like most people, I consider it to the soundtrack to my life.

When certain artists/bands/songs play, I almost always associate it with a time in my life, and the music can immediately affect my mood or behavior. When I hear “Hand Covers Bruise” from The Social Network‘s soundtracks, I immediately become pensive and refelective, and when I hear “Your Hand In Mine” by Explosions in the Sky, I think of girlfriends past, and what it felt like to be falling in love.

It’s funny how songs can conjure those feelings, and even funnier how, when I’m wanting to feel a certain emotion, all I’ve got to do is find the appropriate song in my iTunes and press play. And, it’s an adventure to find new music to correspond to the goings-on in my life at a given moment. I went through some dark times, girlfriendtually, during the winter that I heavily played Only By The Night by Kings of Leon, and so I associate songs like “Closer” and “Cold Desert” with that time, that mood, and yes, that girl.

Lately in my life, I’ve been in a hopeful mood, and I’m welcoming my future and whatever comes with it with open arms. I’ve had to make a lot of life adjustments for my job, and at first it was very, very tough to adjust, but nowadays, I’m excited for what each new day might bring. I’m not dwelling on my past or regrets, or what I could have done better, or how I could have fixed the various things I wanted to. Now, I look towards the horizon, and think about what awesome experience might come next. It’s a great feeling, to walk into a Starbucks, or Target, or the bank, and know that the next person I meet may become my next new friend, or even lover. Going sight-seeing in a strange city, taking it all in, and knowing that it may simultaneously be the first and last time I ever see that particular sight. Driving to the airport in my rental car, knowing full-well that I might be departing, never to return again, but that I cherished the experience while it lasted. Yes, these are strange and hopeful times for me, which is why I’ll always associate Bon Iver with that sort of mood, with that hopeful, child-like wonder.

I’ve recently bought both of Bon Iver’s albums, For Emma, Forever Ago and the self-titled Bon Iver, and I’m in love. Discovering this music, one song at a time, makes my heart swell with anxious hope, fully expecting the next song to be better than the last, just like I hope that the next city I visit will be the same. And then, I finally got to the last song on Bon Iver’s latest album…the last song to listen to…and it is truly the swan song of “their” catalogue. It is epically wondrous, and truly unique in its throwbackitude. For me, the spirit of the song makes me recall the epics that I listened to in the dark when I last fell in love, but this is on a new level. A new chapter. Nay, a new beginning, and when I hear it, it makes me excited to fall in love again, and when I do, I hope this song is on the soundtrack.

Bon Iver – Beth/Rest

“Our love is a star
Sure some hazardry
For the light before and after most indefinitely”

And, apparently Bon Iver agrees that this is their swan song; “Beth/Rest” is the last song on their live setlist, the last song during the encore.


2 responses

  1. i have to agree with you….music is my life and ever song i hear i relate it to my life. i always catch myself playing this silly radio game where i ask a question then turn the radio on. whatever song is playing is supposed to me the answer….it doesn’t always end up being the answer i like but in a strange way, they always seem to make sense after a while.

    September 12, 2011 at 12:11 am

  2. Garrison

    Man I feel like I am listening to some futuristic 80s power balad if that makes sense… its definately something.

    September 12, 2011 at 4:47 pm

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