Song of the Day – 9/4/2011 – The Civil Wars

Looking at the picture below, you may ask yourself, “Who is this Johnny-Depp-lookin’ motherfucker right here, singin’ like a badass? And who’s this cute little chick tryinta be all powerful with her voice?” Well, that’s The Civil Wars.

At the residence of Garrett, Chad Martinez, and Ryan Humphrey, they have taken to recording large swaths of programming on the Palladia network. For those not aware, Palladia is a channel on satellite networks that plays lots of live concerts and music videos, all of it in Full HD video. Their programming is oftentimes eclectic and broad-reaching, and they play a lot of artists and musicians that aren’t well-known yet.

In my last visit to the house in College Station, we watched a solid hour or two of recorded music videos, just to see what we could see. Many of the artists I saw on there will soon be featured as Songs of the Day, and the first one is this song right here. I had never heard of The Civil Wars, but the song and video were rather striking, and I immediately typed it into my Notes app on my phone, which I am prone to do now.

Anyways…give this a listen. You too, Nevin.

The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow


One response

  1. Callier

    Their song “Poison and Wine” is great.

    September 5, 2011 at 2:01 am

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