Overheard – 9/4/2011

“What, like Kemp in his backswing, striking out? Or Halladay all sweaty, leaving in the 5th? Youkilis fouling a ball off his ankle?”

-Me, in response to Garrett saying I should make a slideshow of my Fantasy Baseball team’s demise

“I’ve never wanted something less than this.”

-Garrett, concerning a lava lamp

“I mean, have you SEEN New Mexico’s license plates? They’re so…tacky.”

-Me, in my brain, imagining how I would bring up New Mexican license plates in conversation

“Shotgun blast to the Anus?”

-Garrett, on my possible suicide method

“I’m watching the Aggie game at Blaine’s. I’m secretly pulling for the Methodists here though.”

-Nevin Nichols, on the Texas A&M season opener against SMU

Keep in mind, folks…all you’ve gotta do to make it into the weekly Overheard column is say something great. That’s it.

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