EWP Book Club – 8/28/2011

I once lured a girl into my clutches by starting a fake book club on Facebook, just so I could get her phone number. That’s a little known secret, I guess not-so-much now.

So, my first book club was highly successful, and so maybe I figured I’ll start another one on the EWP. Right? Except, this one is legitimate, and I have no ulterior motives. I just want folks to know what I’m reading these days.

I read Michael Lewis’ Moneyball about two weeks ago, which was ridiculously amazing. Even if you don’t like baseball, you should read it; the writing is sharp, witty, and accessible, and the subject matter is incredibly interesting. It’s more economics book than sports book,  more personal story than baseball story. Really, it’s a great read, so check it out.

After finishing up Moneyball, I blasted through Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God. Wow. It’s so hard to describe this book. It’s just short little vignettes, and it follows a country boy named Lester Ballard in 1950’s Tennessee. As Child of God weaves from Summer to Fall to Winter and back to Summer again, we get to see Ballard hunt squirrels, cheat at carnival games, burn a house down, get knocked unconscious by his fellow townsfolk, shoot a few people in the head, say foul things to women, rape dead bodies, dress in women’s clothes, wear severed scalps as wigs, and get one of his arms shot off. Yeah. It’s incredibly odd, super macabre, incredibly well-written, and so ass-clenching that it can’t be put down.

So, being that I was fresh out of books, today I visited Barnes & Noble here in Lubbock, and I was seeking out a book that I first discovered when I bought Moneyball, back in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Whilst perusing the Sci-Fi section (like I ALWAYS do), i saw, ironically enough, the shape of Texas on the front cover of a book. “WTF?” i thought. It was weird seeing my home state on a book somewhere other than Texas, so I picked it up and…i’m glad I did. Because it looks like this:

Yeah. I immediately typed that title…REVOLUTION WORLD…into my phone so I didn’t forget it. Please notice that on the bottom of the cover, it says, “Seriously, buy this book right now. It’s Goddamn amazing and it has fire-breathing cows.” I haven’t started reading it quite yet, but what I know about the book is this: it takes places in Texas, in the future, and involves genetics and bio-engineering, and it’s a love-story, and it’s funny, and there’s a second Texas Revolution. Boom. More on this book as it happens.

And also, I went ahead and decided to buy the next book I’ll be reading:

If you didn’t just squeal like a girl, you must not know: The Hunger Games is huge. It’s like…the new Harry Potter, and EVERYBODY is reading it. It’s also a futuristic novel, and involves kids killing each other in a scenario eerily similar to that of the classic(-ly bad) Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Running Man. A film version of The Hunger Games is currently shooting in North Carolina, and will be released in March 2012. From what I gather, there was a sneak peak at the MTV Video Music Awards the other night, but of course, I didn’t see it because…let’s be real…i’m not gonna watch the fucking VMA’s.

Jennifer Lawrence, who was really, really awesome in Winter’s Bone, stars as main character Katniss Everdeen. Hailey Steinfeld from True Grit was in the running at one point, and while I probably would’ve preferred her, I like this chick too, so…ok.

Let the Reading Begin!!!


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