Review: 30: Minutes or Less

I said I would start doing more 10-Word Review Haikus, so, here’s another attempt. Last night I say 30: Minutes or Less, with Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, and Nick Swardson. It’s about a pizza guy who gets a bomb strapped to his chest, and is forced to rob a bank.

Here we go:

(Kenny Powers ÷ Facebook Guy) x Funny Sidekicks
= Sometimes Funny, Slightly Dumb

It’s not too bad, so if you’ve got time to kill, and the only other thing playing is Conan, you might consider seeing this.

Oh, and…i don’t know what fucking parallel dimension I’m in right now, but a trailer was attached to this movie that had no business being in an actual theater. I thought it was going to stop playing at any moment and turn into a Geico ad:

That’s real.

Quoth the man on the Youtube Page: “I would like to withdraw my view for this video.”


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