New Shoes!

I’ve been having some foot problems lately.

In July, during my last softball game (Go Buffs!), I tried to beat out a groundball to short, and slammed the heal of my right foot into the dirt and my toes reached for the bag. It fucking hurt real bad, as evidenced by my yelling “I have a contused foot!” a few nights later at my Going-Away party (sorry about that).

Well, that sunnuvabitch STILL hurts. And on top of that, I have…something…wrong with, i guess, the tendon(?) that runs from my big toe up to my, uh…front-ankle(?). I guess it’s sprained, maybe? Does that sound right? Any research help would be appreciated. Point is, that shit hurts, especially when I walk a lot.

My job requires me to walk a lot.

I walk through airports, and through cities, and carry things that are heavy, and all sorts of crap. Also, I’ve been sorta-kinda taking care of myself lately, and attempting to “work out,” and it’s really hard to do any of that shit properly when THIS is your assortment of shoes that you’ve brought with you:

So, today, for the first time in a while, I sprung for some new shoes. And not just another pair of All-Stars…i’m talkin’ Athletic shoes. But of course, it’s never just that easy with me, is it?

I went to the illustrious South Plains Mall in Lubbock and visited FootLocker, FootAction, Champs, and fuckin’ Finishline, and didn’t find what I wanted. More specifically, I found the shoe I wanted, but not in anything even CLOSE to the right color combination. What I was looking for was Nike’s new Free Run+ 2 shoes, which look something like this:

Neat, huh? I actually made those on Nike’s website. But, alas, the only ones I could find in that damn mall were gray & green, or all-black with red laces. Psh. Get real. So, i figured I’d try my luck at Academy.

The Right Stuff, the Right Price!

But not every day, it turns out, because once again, they didn’t have the shoes I was looking for. They had Free Run+ 2’s, but they were in Blue and fucking Coral or some shit. So, ya know what I did? That’s right, I gave up on those shoes, and pulled the trigger on something way more intense. I’ve always been known to have a flair for the dramatic, but this time, I’ve outdone myself. Say hello to my new Adidas ClimaCool Rides:


Neon Orange?!?!



That’s right, ladies and gents, Fortune Favors the Bold, and I’m rollin’ the dice.

So far, they feel really great, and they look really cool. Nice profile to them, and they’re sort of…minimalist, i guess, in a lot of ways…discounting the color, of course. But that’s the point! The color is sure to divide people, but hey…if they were a different color, what would you think? Lemme help:

And, if there’s anybody that wants to say something like, “Coots, you shoulda just waited to get what you originally wanted, because those are UGLY…,” all i can do is refer you to this review I found on a site about running,

If we were conducting a Nike Free Run+ 2 vs Adidas Climacool review then there wouldn’t be a lot to chose from between the two shoes. Both have a low heel profile, flexible sole and responsive cushioning, but the Adidas shoes have a larger focus placed on ventilation whereas the Nike Free Run+ 2 trainers are made to be slightly more durable but slightly heavier.

See? Pretty cool shoes, and i’m hoping they help my foot issues go away, because waking up with sore feet sucks.

And, for anybody keeping tabs…yes, you just read an entire blog about my choice of footwear.

Editors’ Note: For the sake of honesty, it should be noted that I also bought new socks. Gray low-tops, with the Adidas stripes along the bottom, horizontally. The thought behind the gray was…black socks would overpower the shoe, and white would clash. The gray, though…the gray fades in, and your eyes are drawn where they need to be…


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