The Locksley Robins

In my very serious, very competitive Fantasy Football League, there are a small handful of franchises that remain unchanged, despite the turmoil and tumult of the past few years of rigorous work in the trenches.

While General Managers like Dylan Mahanay, David Bauerkemper, and of course (Super Bowl Champion) Justin Golson often change their names from year to year, two franchises have kept their titles since the inception of our League. One of those franchises is the oft-mention (for obvious reasons) Tokyo Future, and the other is Garrett’s Locksley Robins.

When he named his team, all those dark years ago, he was going through an intense Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves phase, and so his clever name took shape from the jumbled inspirations in his noggin. As it would happen, his team name is quite good, solidly clever, and perhaps most of all, dignified. It could almost be a real franchise name, if you squint your eyes. His name has never fallen under scrutiny, unlike former teams like the Louisiana Longdongs, the Canadian Clit Commanders, and of course, the Gridiron Warriors.

But, despite their revered name and respectable on-field performance, one thing about the Locksley Robins has always been lacking: their team logo.

It’s a time-honored tradition for the Franchises of the league to fashion their team logos by whatever means necessary, and 2011 is no different. The new team names are starting to trickle in, most notable Nevin Nichols’ new twist on an old favorite, the Leipzig Running Bachs, but only two logos have been finalized, and not surprisingly, the Locksley Robins’ team standard is a bit…ri-dic-u-lous:

Said of the new logo: “If there’s one thing i can do, it’s photoshop poorly.”

Of course, this Robin has nothing to do with the Robin that hails from Locksley, but i think that duality has always been part of the charm of the franchise. But whether the team hails from Gotham or rural England, i’m sure they’ll bring their A-Game, despite what will surely be a poorly-researched draft.

Good luck, Locksley…may your backups become starters.

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