Visors! For Everyone!

I don’t think that I should be the only person with the power to give things visors, so in an effort to spread the wealth, I’m giving away free Visors.

Click on this image, and then save it.

Now, go to, open up the image of the visor and an image of a famous person (preferably looking slightly to their right, your left), and here’s what you do:

1. Select the Magic Wand tool from the bar. First Column, Third Down. It’s purple.
2. Select the white area around the visor.
3. Click Edit > Invert Selection. You now have just the visor selected.
4. Click Edit > Copy.
5. Click over to the image of the famous person that you opened up earlier.
6. Click Edit > Paste.
7. Click Edit > Free Transform, and play around with the dimensions of the visor. Make it bigger, smaller, or spin it.

Note: To keep the visor the same proportions while Transforming it, hold down the shift key.
Note: To Flip it, click Layer > Flip Horizontal, or Layer > Flip Vertical.
Note: To make it Black & White, click Adjustment > Hue & Saturation, and take the Saturation to 0.

Go nuts, folks! I’ll put ’em all on the blog! Email me at!!!


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