Song of the Day – 8/3/2011 – Say Anything

For several years, Fearless Records has been putting out a Punk Goes… album that features “punk” bands doing covers of more “popular” songs. The albums are a lot of fun, and some of the songs are truly epic. In fact, MOST of them are WAAAAY better than the originals. I own several of these Punk Goes… albums, and one of the coolest ones is Punk Goes Crunk.

Band like All Time Low, The Maine, Forever The Sickest Kids, and Set Your Goals cover things like Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Akon’s “I Wanna Love You,” Will Smith’s (WTF?) “Men In Black,” and Lil Jon’s “Put Yo Hood Up.” These are all really cool songs, but maybe the most interesting (and hilarious) one is Say Anything’s cover of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Got Your Money.”

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a now-deceased member of the world-famous Wu-Tang Clan, was a weird dude. Of ODB, Wikipedia states, “legal troubles and odd behavior made him ‘something of a folk hero,’ and Music writer Steve Huey wrote that ‘it was difficult for observers to tell whether Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s wildly erratic behavior was the result of serious drug problems or genuine mental instability.'” He was a total badass though, and had his career not been cut short by jail time and an eventual drug overdose, we might be a lot better off, raptually.

Understanding ODB is key to understanding why Say Anything is PERFECT band to “Got Your Money.” Say Anything’s singer, Max Bemis, is incredibly talented, and also incredible unstable. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which he supplements with large amounts of drugs. While recording Say Anything’s first album, Bemis had a complete mental breakdown that “centered around a mockumentary discussed by Bemis and producer Tim O’Heir. Bemis’ state of mind led him to believe he was being secretly filmed for the mockumentary; the situation culminated in him walking the streets of Brooklyn thinking he was being filmed while encountering friends (who were actually strangers). Of his second mental breakdown that, Wikipedia claims, “involved harassing children, spitting out food at an outdoor cafe, spending a ‘half-hour pouring a bowl of soup onto the floor, one spoonful at a time,’ engaging in a street fight, and finally being admitted to a mental hospital by an off-duty policeman.”

Obviously, Max Bemis likes to party.

Without further ado, heres Say Anything’s cover of “Got Your Money.”


Say Anything – Got Your Money


Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Got Your Money

Say Anything – Shiksa (Girlfriend)

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