Song of the Day – 8/1/2011 – The Band Perry

One thing that I was curious about in my journey to other states is what sorts of differences there would be, if any, in the types of music they listen to. Is country music listened to in Virginia? Or do they like Nickelback? Have they heard of Lupe Fiasco? Or is Drake uber-popular?

Well, having spent a solid 3 weeks in northwestern Virginia has given me some of those answers. They basically listen to the same stuff, but with some obvious regional differences. Country music is quite big here, and i was rather surprised to hear a Pat Green song on the radio…I figured that might be a Texas-only thing. I’ve heard “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco quite a lil bit, which pleases me very much. Another song I’ve heard quite a bit here (and I believe it plays regularly in Texas too) is “You Lie” by The Band Perry.

First of all, i think that Kimberly Perry is just SO precious. I would date the living shit out of her, if she would accept me. I love her big fluffy hair, and her accent, and how passionate she is in her singing. Also, I think she’s a fantastic songwriter, considering that this is now the second TBP song to be featured on the EWP. I dig this group very much, which is saying something, because I don’t normally go for country stuff. So anywayssssss….here ya go.

The Band Perry – You Lie

Real quick, buuuut…what the hell is Lance Berkman doing in this band?? And also, WTF is up with that one guy’s helmet hair?? Seriously…i can’t stop staring…

Ugh. Love her.


One response

  1. David

    No sir, I don’t like it.

    August 12, 2011 at 12:05 am

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