The Continued Adventures of Brandon Coots – Richmond

After a solid day of work, I left Harrisonburg, Virginia at around 5:00 PM and head east, toward Richmond. My flight is scheduled to leave Richmond in the morning, so I decided to stay here for the night so that I can just pop into the airport in the morning. Seemed like a good enough plan, but as you will see, it got sketchy real quick.

I-64 slices from East-to-West in Virginia, and is an incredibly scenic drive. The highway cuts through mountains, valleys, and forests that are too dense to see through. I’ve never seen such a rural area, and I kept wondering, “are there not fucking towns out here?” I seriously went for like 50 miles without seeing a gas station…just forest. And i mean that literally. Forests. Then, just east of Waynesboro, VA, there is a place where you can pull off of the road and look out over part of the Shenandoah Valley. A picturesque, Leave-It-To-Beaver town sits at the bottom, and it is an incredible sight. I took a picture to prove it.

Go ahead and click on that pic, and then zoom in. It’s super hi-res. Pretty amazing, right?

Ok, so I continued on in my journey towards Richmond, all the while using my iPhone4 to navigate. I’m lookin at the map, and I’m like, “keep going down 64, take a right on Labaruner…got it.” Of course, I fucked it up, and ended up going through downtown Richmond. Not too bad, not crazy, but…i was way off of the beaten path, and I ended up having to go through a pretty bad part of town. It was crazy, and i REALLY didn’t wanna get carjacked because I have a SHIT-TON of electronics on me at any given time. That’d be horrible. But, i got through it unscathed, and finally made it to my hotel, only to find that the goddamn Fire Department beat me to it. This was the scene as I pulled in from my two-and-a-half hour drive:

Yeah. All I wanted was to check into my hotel and relax, and what do I get? THIS bullshit!?!?! Some joker probably just pulled the fire alarm…i never really figured out what happened, but I just chalked it up to MY life. Whatever. So, i get into the hotel, take the elevator up to the third floor, and i’m already starting to question this hotel’s reputation. It’s literally 87 degrees in the hallway (I saw the thermostat), and there’s a funny smell in the place. I get into my room, and it’s super sketchy: the TV is an old tube tv, and the color is all fucked up, there are weird paint marks on the wall, and the air ducts look like somebody took them off and slid a briefcase of 2 million dollars down the shaft. And plus, it’s got “2 double beds!” The closet door is off the rails, and the showerhead in the bathtub comes out of an unsealed hole in the wall.

Whatever. This is my life. Haha…always an adventure.

I later went to eat at TGIFriday’s, which was an adventure in itself, and afterwards stopped at the SUPER-sketchy gas station (complete with bulletproof glass around the cashier’s area) to grab a Crusher of Coors Light.

Then I blogged alone in my sketchy Richmond hotel room.

So that’s Richmond.

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