Song of the Day – 7/21/2011 – The Black Keys

Not too long ago, I sat and listened to The Black Keys on vinyl while lying on a bedroom floor. It was a “transcendent experience,” and since then, I’ve been addicted to the bluesy, pained sound of the The Black Keys. They’re so great it’s retarded, and perhaps my favorite song is “Have Love, Will Travel.”

It is literally the BEST SONG YOU COULD POSSIBLY LISTEN TO while taxiing down a runway.

Here…try it:

The Black Keys – Have Love, Will Travel

Isn’t that great??

But Wait!!! While trying to find a solid hosted MP3 of the song, i discovered that The Black Keys aren’t the first band to lay that song down! The Black Keys version is a cover of…

Richard Berry – Have Love, Will Travel


The Sonics – Have Love, Will Travel

So now you know, Guys & Gals…when you’re traveling, and you’ve got lovin’ to spare, you’d better be shredding this on your iPod. I know I do.


One response

  1. Nevin

    Have you ever seen the show “Have Gun, Will Travel” from which they stole this name?

    July 25, 2011 at 8:30 pm

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