At Our Nation’s Capitol

My new position with my company affords me certain opportunities…certain opportunities that I would not have if I did not have the position. For this I am grateful, and I am proud because I feel like I worked pretty hard to earn this. And so, I intend to make the most of the opportunities that I’ve earned.

That’s why I booked a hotel room in Washington, D.C. for the night of July 30.

No big deal.

It’s only our Nation’s Capitol.

The Cradle of Feedom.

Home to Arlington National Cemetery, The Capitol, The White House, The Pentagon, the Smithsonian, The Lincoln Memorial, and that long lake that Forrest hugs Jenny in.

And also the Natties.

I’ve got a $70 ticket for the Nats-Mets game that night.

My plan is to leave Harrisonburg early on the 30th, drive the two hours up to D.C., spend the day walking around, sipping water and pulling my camera from my fanny pack to take pictures. Then, I’ll check into my hotel around 5 or whatever, and head to the ballpark afterwards. After the game, I’ll spend the night in the room, and head back to H-Burg on Sunday morn.

And of course, the only downside? I’ll be doing all this alone.

Das ok dough, cuz I’ll have you guys with me, and I’ll take pics for you too.

Freedom, hoooooo!!!!!!


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