Where in the World is Brandon Coots?: The Land of Virgins!

As you probably don’t know, I find myself in Virginia, The Land of Virgins, for work. Harrisonburg, specifically. I had never been anywhere near the East Coast before this week, so I was unsure of what to expect when I got out here. I didn’t know if the street signs would be green, red, orange, or whatever. I didn’t really know what the countryside would look like, or how much urban sprawl there’d be, or if there would be any at all. I just plain ole’ didn’t know what to think.

But now I know, and I’ll be happy to share.

But First…a re-cap of my weekend.

On Thursday afternoon (7/14), I left Austin (West Austin, a very beautiful place) and made for College Station. It was about a 2 hour drive, and it was pleasant enough. I arrived at Aggie Station to visit with my good friend Garrett. I was under the impression that I’d only be seeing him for a few hours before he departed for his “fishing trip,” but I was mistaken. What follows is a recap of our conversation:

“Soooo…you know where we’re going fishing, right?”

“No…the ‘river,’ I assume?”

“No. We’re going…to Port Aransas.”

“Ohhhhh myyyyyyy Gahhhhh…”

After Garrett insisted (and I began to feel somewhat obligated), I succumbed to the calling of my Sonly Duties. I threw in with his lot and ventured south. Two hours later, my party stopped at the Dairy Queen in Schulenberg, Texas, where I discovered that I would be without my wallet all weekend. Two hours after that, I burst through the front door of my family’s Ingleside, Texas home, much to the surprise of my brother and mother. I made good on my Sonly Duties.

After a busy weekend of traipsing through 361, seeing HPATDHP2, playing peacemaker, and sneaking into Bernie’s in Port Aransas, my merry band and I headed back north, toward College Station. Then, 3 hours later, I went back to Austin, where I slept at Kurt Barker’s apartment for approximately 3.5 hours, woke up at 4:00 AM, and departed for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

And that all happened BEFORE Virginia.

I mostly dominated ABIA and Atlanta’s Airport (where I hung out with Greg Maddux and Ludacris), and had a convo with a pleasant Virginia native who asked me tips on how to decorate, Texas-style, because her brother is “looking into opening a Country-Western bar” in downtown Atlanta. Also, I saw some good clouds.

Finally, with tired shoulders and an achey bladder, I landed in Richmond Virginia, a city that has a “slightly higher than average crime rate per capita than the national average,” and promptly headed up I-64, in my sweet Party Car, all the while trying to calm my upset mother, who was upset about…something.

So anyways, here are pics of Virginia.

Virginia is, from what I’ve seen, rather lovely.

Harrisonburg, home to James Madison University, is the seat of Rockingham county, and an extremely pleasant little town of about 50,000. It’s set in the beautiful Shenandoah valley, which before this trip was just a term from my history books, but is now a very real place to me. Clouds hang just above the old, rounded mountains, and fog creeps in as the night cools down. It’s warm in the day, but not Texas-warm, and it feels fantastic at night. Hills roll everywhere, and it’s GREEN. GREEN. Everything is GREEN. It’s just totally, totally All-American. At one point, I walked up a hill and saw the burial site of a Civil War General, and took a photo from the hill. A very neat little place, and I was very ok to learn that I will be here all of next week and the following week too.

And for the record, the road signs look just like they do in Texas (even though they only have streets signs on like half of their streets).

If there’s ONE downside to this place, it’s this: I honestly haven’t even SEEN an attractive woman in this state.

But, other than that…cheers to The Land of Virgins!


2 responses

  1. Nevin

    Hey… Nice post. I like the new link thing you did.

    July 20, 2011 at 12:11 am

  2. Meredith

    Cory claims North Carolina has the most attractive women. Maybe you should check it out. Oh and you can barely see what you write in this comment box. You should fix this.

    July 20, 2011 at 2:44 pm

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