Where in the World is Brandon Coots?

Well, right now I’m in Lakeway, Texas, and i’m spending my days in Bee Cave, Texas, at THIS place:

Next week, I’ll be in…HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA!!!

Founded in 1779, this lovely home of some 48,000 people offers scenic views of…stuff…and is the birthplace of G. Edgar Parker, the codeveloper of the Parker-Sochacki method of solving systems of differential equations! Tourists can catch a James Madison University hoops game, or perhaps even see the Eastern Mennonite Royals play a Division III basketball game, or just drive the 2 hours to Washington, D.C..

Not sure where Harrisonburg is?

And now you know!

Now, before you go and get all uppity, YES, i understand that Garrett was at the same property just a few short weeks ago. This isn’t actually my first assignment…i’m just going there to shadow a guy who i work with, and then I’ll be shipping off again to…?

Tune in Next Week to find out where our Hero will go next!


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  1. Garrison


    July 12, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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