Month of Vegetarianism – The Last Supper

Of course, it’s March now.

If you remember, i vowed to go an extra day as a vegetarian to atone for eating a kolache a few weeks ago. Well, that Day of Atonement has now come and gone. On March first, i lived the life of a humble vegetarian, and enjoyed it. I had coffee and a banana for lunch, and two slices of cheese pizza for lunch. For my Last Supper, i enjoyed a vegetarian classic:

Oven-baked potatoes, corn and green beans, and two scrambled eggs.

I piddle around the house for a bit, doing laundry and grooming my face, and then prepared for the inevitable. At about 11:45 I left for Whataburger, to break my Vows of Vegetarianism. Accompanied by Justin Golson, Sydney Allen, and later Meredith Sabrsula, i ordered a sausage B.o.B. from the massively overweight guy behind the counter. I received my B.o.B., and with Mariah Carey blasting in the background, here’s what happened:

It’s over! I have broken my Vows! The B.o.B. was delicious and scrumptious, just as i remember them being, but as i finished it, i remarked to those in attendance, “Now that I’ve had one, i don’t think i missed it all that much. It wasn’t so bad.”

And about 5 minutes later, I said, “It feels like a hooker spit inside my mouth.” And it did. The B.o.B. was just about the greasied, most doodoo-y thing i’d eaten in several weeks, and it wasn’t a good sensation.

So now i’m torn. Did I enjoy being a Vegetarian? Was it really that bad? Was I really missing anything? What did I learn in my adventures as a Vegetarian? Tune in this evening when these questions will be answered in my cover-all wrap-up.

One response

  1. Nevin

    Maybe you just want to be a semi-vegetarian. The kind that still eats chicken and fish.

    March 2, 2011 at 5:27 pm

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