Song(s) of the Day – 2/23/2011


It’s unbelievable how many time i’ve heard these two songs, and how much i’m still blown away by this woman’s IMMENSE amount of talent. She BLOWS PEOPLE OUT OF THE WATER. In a video on Youtube in which she duets with the VERY talented Ellie Goulding, she absolutely shreds her. It’s so obvious that Goulding isn’t even in her league. And she does it while playing guitar. She’s that good. But…who is she?

Her name is Lissie. Learn it.

In covering Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness,” Lissie won herself the Paste Magazine award for Best Cover. Her version of “Bad Romance” is IN EVERY WAY better than Lady Gaga’s original…which is a good song in its own right. It’s haunting, driving, dangerous, and so terrifyingly powerful that it makes the hairs stand up on my neck. Literally. Instead of Gaga’s bubble-gum pop song, Lissie’s version is about a truly torturous relationship gone horribly awry, and it’s scary. “Pursuit of Happiness” gets turned from a fun, bouncy rap song to an arena-melting power-ballad, somehow, and it looks TOTALLY effortless on Lissie’s part. Keep in mind that these are LIVE performances.

So crank it up, and get ready to dish out the love for Lissie.

Lissie -Bad Romance


Lissie – Pursuit of Happiness


How about a few Lissie originals?


GodDAMN she’s good. She was BORN to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.
Love her. Just love her. And you should too.

One More, for all you Electro-Heads out there:



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