The Ultimate in Attractive

I’m not usually one to ogle girls. I love attractive women…they buckle my knees, and everyone who knows me knows this…but I don’t totally lose my shit. I have no subscriptions to any girl-ogling magazines (Maxim, FHM, etc), but i will occasionally thumb through these magazines. When i see most of these women, I usually think something like, “Yeah…ok.” Or maybe, “Yeah…i can see it. I can see how you got into this magazine.”

But, every so often…

When the latest Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition showed up at my home the other day (not mine), i was vaguely interested. Most of the time, i find the women in that publication relatively bland. Just…faces. Nice body. Sure. Ok. Even the now-ultra-famous Brooklyn Decker. Meh. She’s ok. I tend to like my women a bit on the exotic side, with hips and curves and such, and most importantly, a Look. You know what I’m talking about. A Look. A distinct Look.

Well, while thumbing through the latest SI: Swimsuit Editino, i found someone with a Look. And my God, it is a Good Look.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m ready to unveil the winner of the prestigious “2011’s Most Attractive Woman Imaginable.”

I give you…Kate Upton.

To see the Light, click




Ms. Upton is, according to my reasearch, an 18-year old model from Florida who enjoys horseback riding and “being hotter than anyone. Ever.”

Agree yet?

She is a Force of Nature so powerful that I created a new Category for my blog: “Girls”

So, she’s…um…naked in this picture. That’s paint. Fa real though.

And finally, the candid, not model-y shot.

So, there you have it. 2011’s Most Attractive Woman Imaginable. Now go do your own research. Go ahead…Google her. You know you will.

Close Runners-Up:

This Girl and This Girl.
Oh…and This Girl.

Seeing a pattern here? There isn’t one. I like ALL kinds of girls, but…they’ve GOT to have only two things: Be interesting, and have a good smile. It’s all about the beautiful smile.

BOOM! Best update ever?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Love yourself for who you are, and everybody else will follow. These women are beautiful because they believe they are. So, be confident…and, smile. 😀


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