Month of Vegetarianism – Day 22

This morning, i got ready to make my PB&J for lunch, but when I learned that I had exhausted my cache of tupperware to encase the sandwiches in, I shrugged my shoulders and muttered, “Fuggit.”

I wandered off to work holding a bag of crackers, an apple, and some yogurt.

I only remembered to eat the crackers and the apple though. And, I had a cinnamon-roll type thing that I managed to scavenge. So, one can only imagine my hunger when i got home at about 5:15. I quickly chopped up some broccoli, threw it in a pot of boiling water with some macaroni, and let it boil for 8 minutes or so. Then, i stirred in the cheese, and while pounding a beer, had Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli for dinner. And…that’s all I ate today.

And now, the video I always think about when I think about the word “Broccoli.”

Choppin’ Brocca-la.


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