Song of the Day – 2/20/2011

It is a rare occurrence when I spotlight country songs on the Electronic Warrior/Poet, but i does happen. Contrary to popular belief, i very much love country music, but only good country music. In fact, i love all types of music, but only the good stuff. As my old saying goes, “A good song is a good song.”

Well, Zac Brown and his band continue to write good songs.

I don’t know what it is about Zac Brown, but when he sings, i feel…somber. His voice just sounds so pure, and you know that he really has an emotional connection to the music he’s playing. It wasn’t written by some guy in Hollywood…it’s his. His baby. And this song is no different. Things I like about Zac Brown:

*He’s got a good look. Burly, bearded, great smile, but still not your average, manufactured “country” guy.
*Fantastic songwriter
*Fantastic singer
*Genuine and Honest
*Good Beard
*HELL of a Guitarist
*Likable Dude

So, with all of that considered, i’d like to make a statement: Zach Brown and his band are the best and brightest of this new generation of country artists. They are the future of country music. This is a good thing.

This is just an all-around great song. So, i give cred where cred is deaux.

Zac Brown Band ft. Alan Jackson – As She’s Walking Away


Classic Alan Jackson. THIS is good country.

Alan Jackson – Good Time


If you’ve never heard this song by ZBB, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Splendid.

Zac Brown Band – Jolene


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