Song(s) of the Day – 2/17/2011

When I was a sophomore in High School, I discovered the Greatest Hip Hop group in the Universe, Jurassic 5.

In my long time listening to J5, i’ve tried to convince many a person about their glory, but few have taken to them. That’s because, in a world where ears are trained to listen to mass-produced beats by the trendiest people, and lyrics about diamonds and drinks and clubs dominate the radio, a lot of people have a hard time discerning good Rap and Hip Hop from crappy stuff. When you actually hear Jurassic 5, their hand-clap-style beats and the simplicity of 4 guys just…rapping…it kind of loses people. But guys, please, please give this an honest few listens. Put in on your iPod and put in on next time you drive somewhere. You’ll be rapping along after about 5 plays.

I remember getting J5’s debut full-length album, Quality Control, when I was a kid. I had to ask the guy at FYE if they had it in stock, and he said, “Jurassic 5?!? Oh man…they’re awesome. Great album.” I opened it in the car and put it in my super-sweet CD player, and popped my headphones in the, and sat in the back seat and nodded my head. I fell in love, right there. I listened to it at night in bed, when my parents thought I was asleep. Years later, I bought a Jurassic 5 t-shirt from their website, and while walking around the same mall i had bought their album from, a guy stopped me and said, “Is that a Jurassic 5 shirt??”

I’m not sure what it is about Jurassic 5, and Hip Hop in general, that draws me in…perhaps it’s just the wordplay, the required cleverness of it all, or the grooviness of talented guys flowing like its build into their brains…i don’t know. I cant explain it. I just love love love this group.

Do yourself a favor and give it an honest listen. Would I really steer you wrong?

Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard

Check out the videos…nothin flashy about these.

One response

  1. Joe

    Hey slut! You already made this the sotd before give us some other jurassic 5 songs like, people you knew, maybe?

    February 17, 2011 at 4:51 pm

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