My Favorite Radio Station

Sports Radio 1310 “The Ticket” is Dallas’ first and (still, Bauerkemper) best sports radio show.

Not only do the guys talk about Rangers, Cowboys, Mavs, and Stars constantly, but they’re also some of the funniest, wittiest, most-cultured guys that you’re likely to find anywhere. They talk about movies, television, current events, entertainment news, actual news, and more. And they do it all with a high, high level of hilarity. Best of all, they’re great at talking about Dallas sports because they’re from Dallas, and they’ve been fans of these teams their whole lives.

During your drive to work, The Morning Musers, UNT grads George Dunham and Craig Miller, will soothe you as your hot coffee burns deep into your crotch. During your lunch break, BaD Radio (Bob and Dan…and Donnie Doodoo) keep you company while you eat your burger alone in your car. And during the drive home, when you’re trying to decide whether to eat, poop, or just pass out, The Hard Line will keep your gut busting. I love it. I listen to The Ticket every single day. Why? Because it’s SO much better than listening to the same 20 songs played over and over again on the music stations.

I love all the guys on The Ticket…especially Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson of The Hard Line…but it’s really just the randomness and the banter that I tune in for. I literally never know what i’m going to hear, and I have found myself sitting in my truck in my driveway listening as i get home from work on some afternoons. There are great characters on The Ticket that make cameo appearances from time to time, the most famous one being Fake Jerry Jones. A guy who sounds exactly like Jerry comes on and starts spouting ridiculous things every Monday on The Morning Musers at about 8:45, and it absolutely kills. Have a listen:

Fake Jerry – Not Happy With Super Bowl

One of my other favorite characters is The Ticket Mouse. This dirty little mouse occasionally shows up on The Morning Musers and cracks off jokes that makes himself…and me…die with laughter.

The Ticket Mouse – Mouse Strip Club

The Ticket Mouse – The Mouse Visits the Musers

Pretty great, huh? Another great Ticket character is Ribby Paultz, who is a creepy old sports reporter from the 1950’s. Check him out:

Ribby Interviews Cowboys Kicker David Buehler

Ribby’s Extremely Racist 2010 NFL Mock Draft

The Ticket is a great way to start and end your work day, so i highly recommend listening. After you get acquainted with the people on there and all their bits, you’ll truly fall in love.

Tune in at AM 1310, or FM 104.1 to hear all the action.

Or, visit The Ticket online Here.
Or, check out a great unofficial website, The UnTicket, Here.


2 responses

  1. Colton

    Thank you. This is great.

    February 15, 2011 at 1:09 pm

  2. David

    I try and listen to it more but the station doesn’t come in very well in this area. Besides, EPSN is better anyway.

    February 16, 2011 at 8:26 am

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