Song of the Day – 2/9/2011

When i was in Junior High, I was getting pulled in a lotta directions. Junior High is the time in a young person’s life when they start to travel down the path that they’ll probably be on for the rest of their lives. Entire classes of students begin to bubble and separate, like oil in water. You’ll see the rednecks hanging with each other, and starting to dress alike; the future potheads all start to gravitate to each other and hang out under a tree at lunch; the athletic kids will start hanging near the gym, talking about their older sister’s hot friends; the nerds and future band-kids wall themselves off from everyone else and hide inside their isolationist bubble.

I had friends in all of these groups, and i wasn’t really sure where i was heading.

(I eventually took up with the nerds and band-kids, but held a shaky alliance with the potheads, jocks, and other, smaller sub-cultures; it was a Cold War of sorts with the Rednecks throughout High School; still is. Hate ’em.)

Anyway, it was in a “computer programming class” in Junior High when i was introduced to the metal band Six Feet Under. No, not the HBO show. The metal band. I sat with Jerome Pena, Christ Darlington, and Preston Herndon (Future Metalheads), and we would always crack jokes and try to break our keyboards and stuff when Mrs. Larson turned around to to other things. The guys were already into some pretty hard metal at the time (crazy; we were in 7th grade), and one day they passed me their headphones and I listened to a song entitled “Bonesaw” and read along with the lyrics.

“Bodies missing legs and arms
Head is crushed to a reddish pulp
Torso drained of blood and bile
Butchered rotted corpse defiled
Hand me the bonesaw
Time for dissection
Hand me the bonesaw
Begin the amputation
Dying slow and painfully
A gasping breath escapes from you
I rip the flesh and cut through bone
You are bleeding
Sawed your body parts away
Disgusting rotten stench surrounds
Gushing stumps are frayed and torn
Exposing cartilage and bone
Hand me the bonesaw
Time for dissection
Hand me the bonesaw
Begin the amputation
Dying slow and painfully
A gasping breath escapes from you
I rip the flesh and cut trough bone
Alive to watch your arms removed
Cutting – killing sawed to pieces
Jagged wounds in bodies naked
Scraping bone the marrow leaks
Mouth taped shut so you can’t scream
Saw blade binding cranial
Separate, coagulate, ripped to shreds
Vivisect, operate
Hand me the bonesaw
Time for dissection
Hand me the bonesaw
Begin the amputation”

The album from whence this song came, Maximum Violence, had the most brutal, horrifying imagery my 13-year-old brain had ever encountered. I was scarred for life.

Haha…JK. But it did sorta freak me out at the time. I didn’t get it, and it was a world i’d never imagined. Since then, i’ve read, heard, and seen much worse things. But at the time, the depiction was downright was mind-blowing. But now, i get it. It’s almost a parody of itself, and rarely meant to be taken 100% seriously. These are just big dumb guys trying to play as fast as possible, and making their “lyrics” match the intensity of their guitars. Which is ironic, because this song actually sucks. It’s quite boring, musically-speaking. And as for the “lyrics?” They might as well be about butterflies and rainbows. They’re interchangeable. So, whatever.

See? Big Dumb Guys.

And yes, parents: 7th grade. This is what your kids will be exposed to. Remember: I taught 5th graders. 145 of the little bastards; I know what’s going on in their lives. All you can do is prepare them, and show them how to make good decisions, and how to differentiate right from wrong.


One response

  1. Dennis

    This song helps me understand my childhood.

    February 9, 2011 at 5:20 pm

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