Song of the Day – 2/7/2011

I went and saw No String Attached the other night. Yeah…that one, with Ashton Kutcher and the always lovely Natalie Portman. Not gonna lie…the movie was actually quite hilarious, and it really did have me cracking up. There were very few “dumb” jokes, and not one person got hit in the nuts.

My favorite line? While feeling depressed about being on her period, one characters sighs while gently collapsing onto the carpet and say, “It looks like there’s a crime scene in my pants.” And then she takes a bite out of a cupcake. Funny stuff.

Anyway, there’s a scene in the movie where Ashton Kutcher and his homeboys (one of which is Ludacris, strangely) hang out at some chic L.A. bar, and the scene starts with a shot of a guy singing. What does he sing? This song right here:

Hugo – 99 Problems

“It tastes so good…when it hits your lips.”


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