Month of Vegetarianism – Day 5

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On Saturday Morning, i sat in the shower, with hot water pouring all over me, and thought, “Jesus Christ…I’d love a cheeseburger.”

I didn’t have one though. Instead, i had a Bean-patty Burger at Chili’s. It was…unique. Not bad. But clearly not a burger. With my “burger,” i had fries, chips & salsa, and a tall Dos XX. Yes.

Earlier that day, i had a PB&J with some crackers for “Luncfast,” and at about 4:30 I ate the leftovers from my “Beans, Rice, Carrots, and Broccoli” dinner from the night before. And…that’s all I ate that day.

I’m noticing that my portion sizes are getting smaller, which is i guess a by-product of my inability to find and prepare a metric shit-ton of food like i used to do. Being a vegetarian limits your choices quite a bit, so your overall habits start to change. It’s all very interesting.


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