Month of Vegetariansim – Day 4

Friday, February 4, 2011

I awakened to snow again, and decided not to go out onto the roads until about noon. Before I left, i had a steaming cup of black coffee. When i arrived at the office, i decided to eat my PB&J from the day before (that i skipped cuz we had pizza), but just before i broke it out of its Tupperware, Marty asked me, “Do you want Jimmy John’s?”

I said, “Yeah…if it’s vegetarian Jimmy John’s.”

I had a lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and provolone cheese on white bread. With BBQ chips. Tasty. Jimmy John’s has GREAT bread. Before leaving (around 4), i had a few Peanut Butter crackers, and headed home.

Later that evening, I took another run at cooking, and it was much more successful. I first put white rice on boil, and let it sit until done. Meanwhile, i threw some canned Navy beans, chopped broccoli, and chopped carrots in a pot and boiled them. Then, i put it all in a bowl and chomped down. I won’t lie…it was rather plain, but it wasn’t a disaster like the “Hard Beans” incident. Baby steps, people.

Before going to bed, i had a handful of chips and watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (without Golson), and it was totally whatever. P.S. I love Carey Mulligan. Ugh.

She is just too precious.

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