The Next “Facebook?”

Have you ever gone to Craigslist and poked around in the “Missed Connections” section? It’s full of people saying things like, “You were stopped at the red light at the corner of Hickory and Fry Street…we made eye contact, and you winked at me. You were gorgeous…can we have drinks?”

Well, somebody took that idea and made an entire website out of it.


According the The Social Network, the whole allure of Facebook is that you can see the profiles of your friends, look at their pictures, and interact with them. is the reverse-engineered version of that idea, but with all of the interaction still in place. On, you search for whatever school you go to, or are near, and the site takes you to a wall. You can then speak anonymously with others, or initiate some flirting yourself just by saying where the interaction took place and a little bit about the encounter. Everything is totally anonymous, and it’s all very positive. Intriguing.

The site looks like this:

Once you search for your school, it takes you to the Wall, which looks like this:

You have to create an account to post things, but it literally takes about one minute, and since it’s anonymous, all it asks for is your email account. No info, no nothin’.

So, go check out the site…who knows? Maybe somebody has already posted something about you…


Thanks to Whitney R. for the heads-up on this new and interesting website!


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