Creepy Polo Guy Update

“I was standing there, takin’ a piss, and i looked up and saw it, and i jumped back a couple steps ‘cuz it scared me!”

“Did you piss all over the place?”

“Yes! I pissed all over the toilet seat!”

My roommate Golson was thoroughly freaked out by the appearance of Creepy Polo Guy above our toilet last night, so much so that he nearly fell into the bathtub upon his discovery, and he soaked our toilet in urine. Payback was swift, though, and in the morning, i got my comeuppance.

As i was brushing my teeth after my morning shower, i flipped on the light switch in the bathroom and was greeted by a visitor hanging on the mirror.

Who’s that guy?

Oh. It’s Creepy Brett Favre, saying something creepy.

This is actually a Gary Busey quote, which is great because that guy is a psycho. Also, Golson is a known Favre-loyalist, so his Favre-centric joke makes this triply funny.

Well played, Golson! I’m glad the world finally gets to see how funny he can be. Keep up the good work, my chiseled friend.

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