Creepy Polo Guy

While doodoo-ing, i was thumbing through an issue of Maxim magazine (what a rag), the one with Olivia Munn (ughhhh) on the cover. In the middle of the mag was one of those damn ads that’s made out of heavy-weight paper, and it kept getting in my way of turning the page, so i ripped it out and threw it in the trash.

Moments later, while washing my hands at the sink, I happened to look down at the trash can, only to find that creepy guy from the Polo ads staring back up at me. You know the one…he’s got dark, wavy hair, with a chiseled face. He has that “classic American” look. I immediately thought, “I can use this…”

This is picture of my bathroom, which i share with my roommate, Gustin Jolson.

Wait, what’s that above the toilet?


Oh. It’s creepy Polo Guy. He’s watching you pee.

As of this posting, Golson has not yet discovered our newest tenant.


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