Rosa Parks pales in Comparison

While watching The King’s Speech(Great Movie) this weekend with some great friends, I was deeply disturbed by a middle-aged couple loudly “eating” popcorn in the row behind us. The King’s Speech is a quiet, dramatic, powerful film, and their rude eating habits ruined my experience.

As a group, my friends and I decided to protest their tyranny by exiting the theater in the middle of the film. We stood up, mid-scene, and prepared to leave. But, before anyone could realize what had happened, I leapt over the aisle and sat next to the smackers. Leaning over the armrest, getting right in the guy’s face, i lived the following reality:

The man and his wife stare, wondering what-in-the-shit is going on.
“Your popcorn smacking is so obnoxious that it has ruined this movie for us, and we are leaving.”
The wife, taken aback at MY apparent rudeness, leans back in her chair. The guy stares.
“Enjoy the film,” i say, while standing up and walking out of the theater for the first time in my life.

The next day, as word of our deed spreads, i receive the following text from a hero of mine:

So you know, we got free passes to the theater we went to, and saw the movie again later that night at a different theater.

And, to reiterate, The King’s Speech is a great film, and it was even better the second time.


One response

  1. Nevin

    Wow, what a great screenshot!

    January 13, 2011 at 1:35 pm

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