Lloyd’s Twisted Reality

I have a theory I’d like to posit.

Did you ever notice that most of Dumb & Dumber took place from the perspective of Lloyd Christmas? The movies clearly belongs to him, and Harry is just his lovable sidekick. Anyway, at various points of the movie, there are dream sequences in which Lloyd lives out a fantasy of his. You know the ones: where he kisses Mary and farts into the lighter after entertaining her family; the one where he fights the cook and rips his heart out; the one where he shoots Mary’s husband at the end. Don’t those seem a little fucked up? Look into this man’s eyes and tell me he doesn’t have problems:

Lloyd Christmas, although living in the real world, isn’t just an extreme dumbass; he’s a delusional psychopath. That’s his idea of a nice evening around the fire? That’s his idea of him defending his girlfriend’s honor? He put a laxative in his best friend’s drink to sabotage him, and then laughed maniacally! When taking these things into account, the following trailer for the movie seems much more appropriate:

Or this one?

Dumb & Dumber was a comedy, but with a slightly different tone, it could have been very similar to Saw.

But what if the rabbit hole goes deeper? What if we’re all missing the true reality of the movie? What if the Farrelly brothers planned it all out this way? What if…(gasp)…the ENTIRE movie is a dream sequence cooked up by Lloyd while he sits, freezing to death, in his Providenc, RI apartment? A grand adventure in his head to escape the doldrums of having no food, no jobs, and having his pet’s heads falling off? Rewatch it and let me know what you think. One thing is certain though…

This man is sick.


One response

  1. Serena

    Hey, I know this comment is way.. late. I can across it after I was studying the characteristics of Lloyd in that movie.I’ve noticed that Carey, as a person and actor is a rare unique person when everything boils down to it: he has GOT to be a psychopath, himself. Every character he has ever played (Lloyd for example) seems to be the same person, as if they were as well as the same person as himself ( psychopath).
    The version in my perspective, in this movie Dumb and Dumber is nothing more than a story in a psycho’s point of view. He is on a journey to stalk this woman and while doing so, he brings along his dimwitted sidekick. I believe that he is honestly being (passively) mocked and tormented by Lloyd during the entire film. He is mimicking his personality and mannerisms in several ways to have his friend believe that they are similar to one another, to which they are not. Lloyd isn’t really as dumb as anyone would think he is in this movie. I am sure the writer planned it. He is pure genius. That’s the kicker. But no one knows this.

    June 9, 2013 at 6:28 pm

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