Big 10 Football Sucks.

Tonight, i read an article by ESPN’s Mark Schlabach in which he detailed the extremely bad day for the Big 10 Conference. Read it Here.

I was so inspired by Mr. Schlabach’s article that i emailed him a letter in response. I have published that letter below. Inexplicably, I spent a good amount of time writing this. Loneliness does weird things to you. Anyway, it was entitled “Speaking of the Big 10 being Horrible…”

To read my (strangely concise) letter, click



Here’s the Big 10’s bowl record since 2003:

2003: 3-5
2004: 3-3
2005: 3-4
2006: 2-5
2007: 3-5
2008: 1-6
2009: 4-3
2010: 2-5 so far, with Ohio State set to play Arkansas on Monday.

Also, here’s something that will blow your mind, if you weren’t already aware:

When Troy Smith won the Heisman trophy in 2006, he had sliced and diced his competition all season. His competition was ENTIRELY made up of Big 10 teams…Big 10 teams that would later combine to go 2-5 in their respective Bowls.

Then, when Smith had to play a real team in the Florida Gators, he went…are your ready for this?…

4-for-14 for 35 yards passing, with one interception, one fumble, and 5 sacks.

Ohio State lost 41-14. Or, should i said, “Florida beat Ohio State 41-14.”

Ummmm, yeahhhhh…

So, isn’t it hilarious that Ohio State President Gordon Gee claimed earlier this season that his conference’s teams, “…do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor?” Yeah, go ask Wisconsin. Schlabach, please please please please don’t let the media say things like, “Wisconsin let that game get away from them” or “TCU just got lucky.” TCU beat Wisconsin, and who knows who else they could have beaten this season if they would have had the chance? The system is broke, and we all know it, but jokers like this Gee dude are propping the BCS up because they line his school’s pockets (and probably his personal trouser pockets) with Tostitos and MAACO and Capital One money.

I love that the AD of TCU said of Gee’s comments, “Anytime. Any place. Anywhere. Buckeyes against the Horned Frogs. Tee it up.”

TCU didn’t get to play the Buckeyes, but they did play Wisconsin, who BEAT the Buckeyes, and won.


Also, why in the hell did the Big 10 have so many teams qualify for the Bowls in the first place? Gahhh…get real, College Football! When the Big 10 just plays each other, there’s no transparency! We have no idea who’s really good! Rankings don’t work! This was the first season in history when two teams outside the Preseason Top 10 are playing for the Title! The Rankings aren’t predictors, and they’re certainly not accurate!

Fortunately for the fans like me, every time TCU or Boise St. or a non-AQ wins a game against one of the “Powerhouses,” it shoots another hole in Gee’s already leaky boat. Based on my personal experiences, i would wager that College Football is absolutely hemorrhaging fans every year because of its lack of legitimacy. The “BBVA Compass Bowl?” The “ Bowl?” “THE BEEF O’BRADY’S BOWL?!?!?!”

But I digress.

Big 10 Football sucks. College Football is broken. And, the little guy won tonight.

Thanks for reading.

– A desperately-clinging-to-hope 25-year-old College Football fan from Denton, Texas.

P.S. I’m 25. College Football has been effed up like this for literally as long as i can lucidly remember. I don’t know anything else, and that’s so, so sad. The first college football game i remember watching was when Miami THRASHED Nebraska in the BCS championship in 2001 (still the hardest-hitting, most punishing, brutal game i’ve ever seen). Watching that game, i thought, “Jeez…Nebraska probably shouldn’t be in this game…ESPECIALLY AFTER LETTING COLORADO SCORE 62 POINTS ON THEM THIS SEASON.” Fuckin’ BCS, man…

P.P.S. Please feel free to use any of this in any forthcoming articles your write lambasting Gee, Ohio State, the Big 10, or the BCS.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of this posting, Mr. Schlabach has not responded.

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