Song of the Day – 12/20/2010

So, it looks like Josh and Zac Farro, two of the founding members of Paramore, are leaving the band. The Farro brothers, who played lead guitar and drums, respectively, truly were the musical leaders of the band, and they were behind most of the awesome that you hear when you listen to them.

But Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor will soldier on as Paramore.

The Farros told the band they would be leaving some months ago, but they just announced it today. No specific reasons were cited, but many internal problems are hinted at in the video for their latest single, “Playing God.” This is a bummer, man. I’ve liked Paramore for a long time, and I even saw them live this year. Their music will suffer, but we’ll see how it goes. Hayley is lovely, and her voice is lovelier, so as long as they’ve got that, they’ll have somethin’.

Paramore – Playing God

Bonus (Sad) Video:

Hayley, though art lovely.


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