Christmas List 2010

Each year, my mom asks me to compile a list of all the things that I want, and every year, i moan and groan and tell her that I don’t want anything.

I am lying when i say this.

Without further ado (because there has been enough already…it’s December 15), here is my Christmas List for 2010.

First Section:

1. The Nixon Private SS

OOoooooOOOhhh buddy…THAT’s a handsome watch. I’ve had my current watch, The Don, for more than 5 years now, and i think it may be time for an upgrade. See what I did there?

Visit Nixon, for all your time-tellin’ machines.

2. New Shewz

As far as work shoes go, i prefer the classic “American” look of the Penny Loafer. Not too fancy, not too flashy, but just right for the Bro-on-the-Go. Not too much sole, but plenty of Soul. The Penny Loafer: Str8 Loafin’.

Hit up Zappos for all your shoe-related wants.

3. Clothes.

And not just any clothes, but nice clothes. Sure, I like T-shirts…who doesn’t? But i like T-shirts that are classy…not too busy or crazy or filled with dragons or knives. Also, i would like some clothing that is appropriate for a work setting AND an after-work setting. Cardigan, anyone?

Check out sites like UrbanOutfitters, or shop at Gap, Old Navy, and occasionally Macy’s and PacSun for more stuff.

That’s all for now. Check back soon for Part 2 of the List, EXPENSIVE stuff.


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