Song of the Day – 12/12/10

The White Stripes are really, really good at making music.

I think a lot of people think of them as sort of gimmicky, or just plain weird, and so they don’t really take them seriously, but that’s a crying shame. Yes, they are a bit odd, but that’s a good thing. They aren’t normal, but “normal” these days is Ke$ha and Nickelback. Is “normal” really what you want? Don’t be afraid of Jack White…don’t even look at him. Just listen to their music.

My opinion of The White Stripes is that they are, musically, a great piece of Americana. The music is guitar-driven and original, and is soaked in themes of rockin’, ramblin’, heartbreak, and heartache. Their music really is classic American Rock, and we’ll look back 20 years from now and call them one of the most original, best bands of this generation. Boom. I said it.

Also, Jack White is a musical genius. A fantastic songwriter and an amazing guitar player…one of the best at both. Boom. I said it.

The White Stripes – As Ugly As I Seem

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