No-Shave November

This is perhaps the most epic undertaking i’ve ever undertaken. All told, this project lasted one entire month, from October 31st to December 1st…well, technically 2nd because I didn’t finish editing this movie until 4 AM on the 2nd.

Over 160 photos were taken, and then either deleted or edited to my specifications. I spend at LEAST 20 minutes a day on this for 30 straight days, and then another 6 hours on the final night. I used for the photo editing, and iMovie for the construction of the movie. Also, i took all of these pics on my Sony Ericcson cell phone…unfortunately, i got my AT&T account switched to an iPhone halfway through the month, so for the last 15 days or so, i had to take my SIM card out of the iPhone, put it in the Sony Ericsson, power it up, take the pics, bluetooth ’em over to my iMac, and then take the SIM card out again and put it back in the iPhone. Every. Night.

All of that to bring you this: Brandon Coots’ No-Shave November 2010.

Hope you enjoyed. I think I did.

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