Goin’ to South Beach

Inspired by LeBron James’ stunning move to the Miami-Dade area, many celebrities, stars, and people-of-note have also decided to head down to Florida. Below are just a few of the people to make the move to Florida.

Hmm…is that who i think it is? Well, ok…

Hey, somebody grab him!!!

“Ummm…Dr. Hawking, are you sure your chair is going to work well in that sand?”

“Oh Wow…President Lincoln…i didn’t think you’d make it. How nice of you to show up at the Heat game. Please, sir…try to stay away from the luxury balconies…”

Apparently the actual state of Massachusetts has also decided to come down to South Beach.

Good thing all these (entities?) are going down there, because it looks like the Heat need all the help they can get. 😛



One response

  1. “South Beach is dope, brah.”

    That’s what I was told.

    November 25, 2010 at 2:59 am

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