Favorite Album Covers

Sometimes, i turn my iPhone or iPod on its side, and the words go away and pictures pop up. Then i thumb through them and look at all the pretty things. These are my 5 Favorite Album Covers in my iTunes.

5. Explosions in the SkyThe World is Not a Cold Dead Place

I love the apparent simplicity here…at first glance, it just seems like black words written on a white background…and that’s what it is. But after listening to the music containted in the album, the cover is given an ethereal, moody tone. It seems deliberate, subtle, and somber. With the repetition of the words, you can almost imagine someone chanting the words quietly on a park bench, trying to convince themselves.

4. Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolWhite People

This image has a provocative, tongue-in-cheek feel to it, and it makes you wonder what in the hell was going on. Are the mannequins representative of the emptiness of models? Is this just for fun? WTF? Whatever you choose to believe, the image itself is nice, clean, but has character. It shan’t be forgotten soon, most likely.

3. Lupe FiascoLupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor

This image is this album. This album is this image. It’s cosmically cool, strangely stellar, and quasarically quirky. Lupe, floating in space amongst his quaint belongings, is undeniable cool, and this cover matches perfectly.

2. Bloc PartyA Weekend in the City

This sharp, moody image evokes a strange feeling of loneliness inside me…i wonder where everybody went? I can see the blurs of the headlights, but it’s like nobody is home. The crispness of the gold-and-deep brown image really makes the details of the city pop, but even though its crowded with plenty to look at, my eyes feel strangely calmed.

1. Band of Horses Infinte Arms

This takes me back to a time in my life that never actually happened, because my life, as interesting and lovely as it can sometimes be, was never, ever this beautiful. There really aren’t words to describe this image. The deep, deep blue with the silver, time-lapsed stars…the title placed in the middle in a not-too-flashy script…Jesus. This is awesome.


3. Country ChurchCountry Church

This was before being a simple, gentle redneck became mainstream.

2. Village PeopleRenaissance

When Disco died, the Village People knew that if the were to survive into the 80’s, they had to totally revamp their style, sound, and vibe.

So they went even gayer.

1. Kenny LogginsKeep the Light

Impersonating Jesus is a crime.

See you in hell, Loggins.


2 responses

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  2. cool.. i love explosions too…

    October 23, 2011 at 3:10 am

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