Song of the Day – 11/19/2010

Can’t sleep, and this song is on a continuous loop in my head…for a reason. I’ll take it though…i could do a lot, lot worse than The Kooks.

First time I ever heard The Kooks, I thought, “Golly Jee…aren’t these guys just about as pretentious as they could possibly be?” And they were. It was in the video for “She Moves in Her Own Way,” and they were wandering Mexico or some other shitty country wearing expensive looking rags for clothing. The song was undeniably catchy though, and i was impressed with the bluesy guitar solo. So, after listening to the song WITHOUT the video, I decided they were pretty solid. After further investigation, their first album, InsideIn/InsideOut, is pretty damn good. Here’s their very best song.

And no, Nevin…the chorus does not say, “I’m not from Alaska.”

The Kooks – Naive

Bonus Videos!:


One response

  1. Dennis

    eh, they’re alright.

    November 20, 2010 at 7:10 pm

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