“Look or No-Look”

Living in Denton, Texas has many benefits. The town is vibrant and artsty, and there’s a great music scene. It’s not too crowded, there’s good food, and i get constant coverage of my favorite sports teams. But perhaps the single greatest thing about Denton is the eclectic population. With so many young, hip, college students, and the establishments that cater to these folks, Denton has become a mecca for all sorts of unique individuals.

With such a diverse crowd, you get a lot of interesting characters, and everybody brings something new to the table. In my line of work, i get the opportunity to meet a large volume of these folks, so i’m in a unique position to examine a particular cross-section of the Denton population. One of the most fun ways to comment and observe the Denton-folk is to play a game that my friends and I call “Look or No-Look.”

Here’s how to play. To demonstrate, I will give a hypothetical example of how one such game might go:

You are sitting with a friend in a local coffee shop, carrying on a conversation about Vince Vaughn. “He’s done,” you’re friend suggests. While you are leaning towards disagreeing, your friend points out the fact that he, “only has one gimmick: the ‘overly-stressed fast-talker.'” You see his/her point. He/She continues. “Wedding Crashers? He complains with quickened diction about how he got ‘jacked-off under a table.'” You’re starting to see your friends point, and you begin to mutter your agreeance, but then, an interesting bloke walks through the door.

This man has a shock of fluffy hair tucked underneath a top hat. He wears black leather boots. a nose ring rests innocently in one nostril, and deep black sunglasses cover his eyes. Your first thought is, “Look at this f*(&@in’ guy,” and your friend says, “Nice.” Then, the question is asked. Your friend says, “Look or No-Look?”

This guy looks really, really familiar...

When you ask, “Look or No-Look?” you’re asking because you’re trying to determine whether or not a particular person’s outfit is a “Look.” A “look,” while hard to define, can be summed up as, “a unique, intentional, and interesting ensemble that has come about as a conscious effort on the part of the wearer.” Some guidelines to follow when determining if a person has a “Look” are as follows:

1. Did he/she plan to look like that? Or did he/she roll out of bed and throw that stuff on?
2. Is there anyone in the same building who looks like that? Or is his/her ensemble unique to the wearer?
3. Look for details and oddities. Multi-colored shoes? vest? Cooky hipster hat? Probably a Look. Ill-fitting shirt? tapered jeans? Cow-lick? Probably not a Look.

So, let’s look at this guy again:

Very, very familiar...

Look, or No-Look?

Notice all of the interesting accents to this outfit. Easily, this is a Look. And, i think it’s pretty safe to say that this is a Good Look. Let’s look at another.


Look or No-Look? Let’s be serious. Do I even need to ask? Not a Look. Let’s try something a little more difficult.

Look at me! Look at me! I wasn't loved as a child!

Look or No-Look? Believe it or not, this is a Look. He intentionally made himself look like this. So, it’s a Look, but it’s NOT a Good Look. You want a Good Look?

This man is almost too cool.

Now THAT’S a Look. Helluva Look. Want another?

This man has more confidence than you.

Damn. Helluva Look. This is a Look, assuredly, but depending on your taste, you may say that this is not a Good Look. I say it’s a damn Good Look.

So, do you see how this works? Play with your friends at the mall, or make fun of people at work with your colleagues! A great added benefit of playing this game is that it will sharpen your own fashion sense, and make you a more adventurous person. You’ll see people that don’t have a Look, and you’ll realize, “Hey…i do that all the time. I need to not do that.” You’ll be fashioning yourself into a fashion snob. So, enjoy playing Look or No-Look, and you’re welcome.

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