Song of the Day – 10/4/10

Let’s be honest…Blink 182 was catchy as hell and occasionally pretty solid, but for the most part, they were lowest-common-denominator pop-punk. I’M NOT SAYING THEY DIDN’T HAVE GOOD STUFF…i’m just…sayin’. Now, there were people who were upset that they broke up, but then 20 minutes passed, and everybody was ok with it. But, after the ADHD public quickly turned their heads to the newest version of Blink, something interesting happend. Tom DeLonge became a serious musician.

Angels & Airwaves, DeLonge’s band, writes some pretty epic songs that have a slight sci-fi twinge, and some of them really are pretty great…it makes you wonder just who was the real mastermind behind the better Blink 182 stuff…especially the more serious stuff, like “I Miss You” and “Stay Together For The Kids.” DeLonge just has this…uncanny ability to write dark but catchy songs. Listen, I know they’re not Band of Horses or Mumford & Sons…but hey…a good song is a good song. And personally, this one sorta breaks my heart with its solemn disenchantment. It would be extremely foolish for you to overlook this band and write them off as “Half of Blink 182.” Give it an honest listen.

Angels & Airwaves – Do It For Me Now

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