Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

Canton, Texas is home to (allegedly) the longest running and largest Flea Market in Texas. Maybe the world. I went to Canton this spring, took $50 cash with me, and I ended up buying only two things. The first thing was a team picture of the 2003 Texas Rangers. I told the guy I ‘d give him a dollar for it…he readily accepted. Then, I gave it to my friend Garrett as a joke.

The second thing I bought was an old Polaroid camera.

Polaroid stopped making insta-film for their cameras several years ago, and since then, the “quaint shittiness” of Polaroid pictures has become extremely popular, especially amongst artsy hipsters…like me. So, when I spotted a dusty Polaroid Sun 660 hanging by its strap from in a broken-down dresser in a weathered old woman’s booth, I jumped on it. Not literally, but I gave her $7.50 for it and walked away smiling.

At the time, i wasn’t sure about the availability of film for the camera, or even if it worked. I just thought it was too good a chance to pass up, and that the risk was worth the reward. I was mildly lambasted by the people I was with for taking such a risk, but…eh. I took the empty film cartridge out and re-inserted it and with what little battery power that remained, the camera cycled, so, in theory, the camera was still operational. Later, I looked up film on eBay…expensive. Too expensive. I shelved the camera, sadly, and nearly forgot about it.

Two weeks ago, i was reading a relatively new issue of Esquire magazine, and in it, I read about a company called The Impossible Project that has been endeavoring to produce new Polaroid film. My face lit up with excitement at the possibilities. Would my risk pay off? Would one person’s trash become my treasure? Without knowing whether or not the camera works, or the quality of picture the camera might take, I rolled the dice and decided to find out.

The camera works.

One response

  1. aly

    Canton is amazing, you can find a lot of crap…but there are definite treasures hidden amongst all of it. I didn’t even know people could use polaroids anymore. way. to. go.

    October 2, 2010 at 12:00 am

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